Four in a Bed

No, not that you perverts.

Since being on lockdown I’ve watched a silly amount of Channel 4’s B&B series. Which has got me thinking about what my B&B would be like and what I’d be like on the show.

Where: Arran or some other island
Style: modern/Scottish traditional fusion.
Breakfast: Variants on Scottish cooked breakfast. Quality local sausages, perfect eggs (would have to practice that), potato scones obvs but no black pudding :nauseated_face:
Extras: would make afternoon cake for the guests and there’d be homemade tablet in the rooms. Conditioner in the shower because I hate it when hotels don’t have conditioner. Two labradors that would jump on people when they arrived.

As for being on the show - I wouldn’t be one of those people who lift up beds looking for dust and inspect the rims of the toilet, that’s just weird. I expect I’d get quite upset at any criticism though. I’ll score myself an 8/10

What about you?

The worst bit of staying in a B&B is having to meet the people who run it. Always oddballs in my experience.


Are you calling me an oddball?

But yes when I travel for work I stay in anonymous globo hotels so I don’t have to deal with that.

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this would be my tripadvisor review:



Same with Airbnb tbh. Always look for reviews where it mentions self check-in.


Invite cancelled

:tada: Top marks for Laelfys BnB :tada:

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There was one in my hometown when the Elvis festival was on. Everyone complained about the noise iirc.

Where: remote part of the highlands, exact location varies
Style: open air camping, may provide a make-shift shelter in extreme weather conditions / winter
Breakfast: porridge probably
Extras:i’ll help you build a fire

One of what? A bnb?

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£500 / night

This is one of those programs that’s always on in the background at my mum’s (the other is Come Dine With Me) and I’ve concluded that B&B owner might actually be the biggest anxiety triggering profession possible for me.

Great show IMO, v underrated.

That’s not a bnb that just joining you on weekends

i’ll bring a tarp

I’ll stick with mine thanks

Murder victim themed holiday?

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you into it?

For people who give him a low score