Four in a Bed

No, not that you perverts.

Since being on lockdown I’ve watched a silly amount of Channel 4’s B&B series. Which has got me thinking about what my B&B would be like and what I’d be like on the show.

Where: Arran or some other island
Style: modern/Scottish traditional fusion.
Breakfast: Variants on Scottish cooked breakfast. Quality local sausages, perfect eggs (would have to practice that), potato scones obvs but no black pudding :nauseated_face:
Extras: would make afternoon cake for the guests and there’d be homemade tablet in the rooms. Conditioner in the shower because I hate it when hotels don’t have conditioner. Two labradors that would jump on people when they arrived.

As for being on the show - I wouldn’t be one of those people who lift up beds looking for dust and inspect the rims of the toilet, that’s just weird. I expect I’d get quite upset at any criticism though. I’ll score myself an 8/10

What about you?

Are you calling me an oddball?

But yes when I travel for work I stay in anonymous globo hotels so I don’t have to deal with that.

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this would be my tripadvisor review:




Invite cancelled

:tada: Top marks for Laelfys BnB :tada:

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There was one in my hometown when the Elvis festival was on. Everyone complained about the noise iirc.

Where: remote part of the highlands, exact location varies
Style: open air camping, may provide a make-shift shelter in extreme weather conditions / winter
Breakfast: porridge probably
Extras:i’ll help you build a fire

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One of what? A bnb?

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£500 / night

This is one of those programs that’s always on in the background at my mum’s (the other is Come Dine With Me) and I’ve concluded that B&B owner might actually be the biggest anxiety triggering profession possible for me.

Great show IMO, v underrated.

That’s not a bnb that just joining you on weekends

i’ll bring a tarp

I’ll stick with mine thanks

Murder victim themed holiday?

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you into it?

For people who give him a low score


Yeah, on the show. Tbh I can’t watch it without getting really irked. The type of people on it are just so awful, checking nooks and crannies for dust they’d never ever come across or being up in arms because the bacon wasn’t their favourite brand. All need such a lamping

Might prefer it to not getting black pudding, but it would still be well down the list of options

:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: I thought you meant people complained about the noise from the bnb.

The behaviour of some of the people is absolutely awful, and the show is set up to encourage that. You can spot the decent people who give lots of praise and overpay.

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