Four incredible improvements to my life recently

  1. My doctors now use an app for booking and cancelling appointments. When you go to book it shows a calendar with all of the available slots for each GP. Unreal.

  2. Scan and Go at Asda. You take a little scanner around with you and scan the barcode of the items you’re purchasing then just put it straight in your bag. The scanner shows all of the items youve scanned so you know how much you’re spending as well. At the end you go to a screen and scan it and it imports your purchases and then you pay and fuck off and open that strawberry bottle of Yazoo you got.

  3. Found out I simply swipe down to switch between the front and rear cameras on my phone, don’t have to awkwardly reach for the little icon at the top of the screen.

  4. We have Now TV and it now has Netflix on it.

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4-0 barleysugar



I think the Netflix app has recently been added to the now tv box/stick.

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This works for me!

Also, what works is flipping the phone on the Y axis fast, and also double pressing the camera button (on my phone, the wake button). Three easy ways to switch to selfie mode.

never tried this, partly cos i tend to get the end of shopping and go “fuck i’ve got far too much stuff here, i’ll go and put this, this and this back”

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oh right. i thought he meant if you paid for now tv you don’t have to pay for netflix

but now tv is the name of the streaming service as well as the device?

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We have a nowtv smart box (dont pay for any of the nowtv shite, just have it for live tv channels and catch up apps)

Was saying only yesterday i wish it had netflix and then i checked the appstore after an advert came on and saw the netflix app on it.

Got a free month of it too cos i signed up with my work email hehe


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With the Sainos version deciding you don’t want an item is as easy as rescanning it.

that’s my local supermarché so maybe i’ll consider giving it a go

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I thought it was always on there? Our TV had it built in so we never used it. I did once try out the iPlayer app on the Now TV box but it crashed after each episode.

iPlayer doesn’t even work on ours anymore. Can occasionally get on it via the red button as some sort of back door.

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Clive watched something on the BBC iPlayer yesterday.

“Soon you will have to sign in to watch the BBC iPlayer.”

Me: I don’t want to pay for a licence as I don’t watch anything and their news is mostly Tory propaganda.

Clive: I want to pay for the licence but I can’t afford it.

Me: Ask your mum to pay for it then.

Fair enough?

Everybody has a TV licence, imho.

I don’t because I don’t watch the BBC and therefore am not legally required to have one. If Clive wants to watch the BBC when I’m not there that’s his lookout.

Bit annoyed that they’ve only just done this given that Better Call Saul has now nearly finished

How would you know?


I watched it in the past. Via my time machine. Some years ago when I still had a licence and the BBC News wasn’t full of pro Tory propaganda.