Four incredible improvements to my life recently

iPlayer doesn’t even work on ours anymore. Can occasionally get on it via the red button as some sort of back door.

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Clive watched something on the BBC iPlayer yesterday.

“Soon you will have to sign in to watch the BBC iPlayer.”

Me: I don’t want to pay for a licence as I don’t watch anything and their news is mostly Tory propaganda.

Clive: I want to pay for the licence but I can’t afford it.

Me: Ask your mum to pay for it then.

Fair enough?

Everybody has a TV licence, imho.

I don’t because I don’t watch the BBC and therefore am not legally required to have one. If Clive wants to watch the BBC when I’m not there that’s his lookout.

Bit annoyed that they’ve only just done this given that Better Call Saul has now nearly finished

How would you know?


I watched it in the past. Via my time machine. Some years ago when I still had a licence and the BBC News wasn’t full of pro Tory propaganda.

How would you know?

You’re legally obliged to have a licence if you watch any live TV, not just the BBC.

[But since you’ll probably never get caught you might as well just watch the BBC.]

It’s what Twitter tells me.

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I don’t remember the last time I watched any live TV. Watching a show at the same time as it is being broadcast. I’m streaming or catch up all the time nowadays. Who can arrange their life around what time a TV show is on? It’s all available now as and when I have the time and feel like watching it.

edit - I see this first point has been picked up.

I remember Safeways having this in the 90s. Never been able to work out why no other supermarket has done it until very recently.

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Yeah and fucking watch Countryfile live every Sunday, you traitor.

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The high rate of theft.

I used to use it in the local safeways and it always made my shop quicker. Waitrose brought in something similar to a handful of stores a couple of years ago too.

The only time I watch the BBC or any live television is in the pub or my works canteen. Typical of Tories to want me to pay for something I’m not using, eh?

not paying into a public-funded service to own the tories



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The only time I use the NHS is when I’m ill…

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I wouldn’t mind paying for the NHS if I never used it because it benefits the people as a whole. I do mind paying for the BBC when I don’t use it because they broadcast pro Tory propaganda.

Do they really?

This tory propaganda stuff has been said a few times and gone unchallenged, so I’m pulling you up on it mate. Citation needed.