Four Loco

Grim fascination:

“…each 24-ounce can [contains] four beers worth of alcohol and two Red Bulls worth of caffeine.”

That sounds oddly appealing.

is it suddenly 2009 again

Would that it were. The things we could change, knowing what we know now.

Honestly never heard of Four Loco before reading that thing.

When did avclub turn into thugclive-era Vice?

pretty sure it was banned in a lot of places by the time I moved to North America in 2010

inspired the name of this great (?) Riff Raff featuring comedy group too

you can get Dragon Soop over here now which is basically the same thing

Never heard of it

So it’s like Buckfast but it’s Red Bull?

Whatever happened to Thug Clive? He was such a shit.