Four minutes

I’ve been coaxed into going speed dating. The girl I’m going with is happily in a relationship, she’s just support – it’s entirely a vehicle to try to hook me up (she’s very much of the opinion I should be snapped up :confused:)

Should I be terrified? I think I’m quite excited, but very aware that I could come out a lot sadder than I go in.

You get four minutes per person. Will either seem like the longest nightmare or an annoyingly fleeting moment.

Thought this was going to be the wanking thread.

Got to be honest Stephen, and I don’t want to put you off in any way or anything, it sounds like a truly awful concept IM honest IMHO.

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Four minutes isn’t very much time at all in which to get across all the winning aspects of your personality, so you’re going to need a way to speed things along. I suggest leaving out all the vowels, they’ll just slow you down.

And verbs. Fuck verbs.

Used to be 3 minutes so I guess they’ve worked out people have more to say!

I was the ‘support’ for a friend once (although I was single, I just didn’t have any particular desire to get involved). It wasn’t particularly inspiring because it was City of London one so a lot of people with whom I didn’t have a lot of common ground as I wasn’t really into my work too much and didn’t go to the gym or out to eat much.

don’t go speed dating, mate



Can’t be any worse than normal dates


Inclined to say this because I think it’s pretty common for people to bring a ‘support’. The problem is those ‘support’ people are the most attractive ones because they’re completely calm and DGAF so it sort of unbalances the whole thing. It’s like job interviews: you usually ace the ones you aren’t interested in.

I think I’d quite enjoy speed dating and am a bit jealous (although happily in a relationship.)

As long as you acknowledge it’s a funny experience rather than your last chance of meeting The One or something (like in a Hugh Grant or Drew Barrymore film.)

what? doesn’t that defeat the whole point?

‘Ha ha ha! This is weird isn’t it!’
‘Yes! ha ha ha!’

awkward silence for 3 minutes 55 seconds

bell rings


Girls, is speed dating an awful idea?

@anon82218317 @plasticniki @nemrac @meowington? I realised I don’t know who on this forum is a lady.

I dunno. I am probably making an incorrect assumption there but there were definitely some ‘supports’ at the one I was at. It’s pretty daunting.

Okay, let’s take this again @Mistersteve it’s probably a good thing to do in order for you to get some idea of what you want in someone else and also where your own strengths lie in conversation but don’t go with much expectation of getting a date out of it?

can’t say i’ve ever been
usually just seem to find a boyfriend without too much fuss

you went speed dating?!

can imagine it’d be a fucking nightmare using up all your A grade patter for the person to tell you they’ve got a partner already they’re just there to hold their pal’s hand / laugh at how desperate you all are

tbh, men are all pretty much the same. no use in being too fussy.

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