Four naan, Jeremy?

Four? That’s insane.


Hello Hyggzy, I am going for a curry tonight near where you live

Where bouts you eatin hun?


Thinking of doing a full rewatch soon.

I do not know what this about but I feel compelled to tell you that I made matar/mutter paneer and had 3 (three) mini naan with it last night.

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Babur is :100:

(Have the rabbit)

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He thinks you’re French!


I have not been to Babur but I have heard good things and walked past it the other day on the way to the Chandos, which did good £5 pizzas but was a screaming creche of hell.

Can highly recommend Cinnamon on Lewisham Way for a takeaway, outstanding quality.

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Cinnamon is the most used spice as a name for a restaurant.

I have never seen a Cumin (come in to cumin!) or mace for eg

Going for a curry on Saturday.

Probably next Saturday as welll.

Probably the one after that too.

(We have 4 ‘£10 off in January’ vouchers to use at our regular place)

Seen a few Cardamoms around

Really want a curry tonight now goddamn you all.

I went to the Chandos recently for their bogof pizzas but luckily there were no kids there.

Five Spice

Guess I have seen many with curry in the name but not just CURRY!

Hi Karate

The pizza was good and I was mildly impressed with the drinks selection, but my god, it was like trying to eat lunch in the middle of an adventure playground.

There’s a curry place in East Dulwich called Rajah Rowing Team. What’s that all about then?

You must have gone on a bad day :frowning:

The Honor Oak down the road has new owners and is now apparently good but it was so shit before that I can’t fucking be arsed to check it out now.

I remember a time when it was acceptable to laugh at Gaylords