⚽ Four Stripe Salute: The August Football Thread 2022 ⚽

Brad shortstop*


Ait-Nouri has had a ‘mare there.

This is all a bit Sunday league atm.

Why did he dive after it had hit his hand and gone through his body proper
Soccer Falling GIF

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Bit of handbags from Bruno and ted lasso, love it.

Brenden Aaronsen of Vampire Weekend.


They just had the wrong graphic up. Lamps at Villa is it. Shambles.

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What was Bruno Lage alleging happened there? Someone said something?

Reckon Jesse told him to kiss his ass.

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There was a Bolton fan on here that loved Stuart Holden. L o v e d him. Posted pictures of him in recovery, virtually put together prayer circles in support of his knees and shit. Almost by osmosis i gained the impression he was a stand up guy.

In terms of the positive impact American players have had on the league this has to be measured against Zack Steffen, however.

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Wouldn’t wish a leg break on anyone obviously, but Godfrey does going flying into tackles like a reckless maniac fairly often

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the fuck is this


You hope Ben Godfrey breaks both his legs. That’s fine. Just say it.

The future

You mean Man City legend Zack Steffen? :rofl:

Didn’t show any of Andersen’s brilliant long passes

One of the best goals I’ve ever seen, from one of the least likely players to produce a goal of this quality:

Tonbridge Angels Fan Page shared a post on Instagram: "Here is Sonny Miles’ screamer in today’s 3-1 win at Weymouth.

🎥 - @mark_davison1

🔵⚪️". Follow their account to see 486 posts.

Watched it at least 10 times so far and can’t work out if the high pitched wailing in celebration is me or not. I was quite near the guy filming it… :zipper_mouth_face:


Not sure if Everton signed Tarkowski this summer or five years ago

Can’t beat someone hitting it after someone aggressively shouting “hit it”