⚽ Four Stripe Salute: The August Football Thread 2022 ⚽

Kasper here, with an unfriendly ghosting on the eve of the new season!


I’m glad they used a example of a player 2mm offside. I thought there was going to be a ‘in line’ buffer? That looked a bit silly tbh

Automated by AI, no manual line drawing by the VAR

so they were doing this all along? just guessing where the tip of someone’s armpit is? fucking lol

means they were lying about knowing when exactly the ball was played as well


Of course we’re signing a left-back called Destiny Udogie.

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Kasper the Nice ghost

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Fitness assessment for Friday night?

Been hard at work with my banter coach over the break, hoping to hit the ground running this season after some poor showings in previous years.

I see the big lad is back from his 3 month isolation in Barcelona, and I hear Jordo hired a new formations chef after last years’ debacle too.


Leaked footage from arsenal posters training camp - Faustus and still here have just been drawing anatomically correct drawings of hearts and listening to you’ll never walk alone at a facility in Rwanda.


Is everyone just gonna ignore the Partey thing then? Like, are the commentators and pundits and fans in the stands just gonna pretend nothing has happened if Arteta continues to pick him?


Becoming more tedious than Ronaldo this one


Thank god


But Fabrizio said it was done :tired_face:

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Knew they’d come running back, the slugs.

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Well funny if someone spends 50m on him and he shows up with a buzz cut


It’s a start I guess

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It’s dodgy af and will leave an really nasty feeling, especially if he plays well, but until/unless he’s formally named are the media able to mention it legally? I might be wrong, feel like given we’re at social media allegations (which I believe) and “unnamed player arrested” stage they might be on tricky ground though.

Can’t really remember Gylfi being mentioned by name much by the media last year even though the suspension made it patently obvious who that referred to, not as serious by a long stretch but football media ignored the Giggls story until he was named under Parliamentary privilege.

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He was named in the Icelandic media

…and then goes to prison

I guess he’ll be suspended once he’s charged, which is what City did with Mendy

In the meantime, feels incredibly weird

Chelsea signing Aubameyang would be weird.

Feels weird but also weird in the most vintage Chelsea way.

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Feeling less invested in football than ever before. It’s only the puns and Steven Caulker that keeps me coming back