Four Tet


New song:


i like it


Not heard it but, um, well I’ve not heard it.


Thanks for posting.
I’ve heard it twice.
I like it.
Mind not blown or anything, but I like it.


hadn’t really gotten on board with some of the more recent stuff but this sounds very much like earlier Four Tet. i like that.


sounds like coffee table trip hop a bit. like what i imagine thievery corporation sound like from their description



I heard the last one and I think I liked it. Not heard this, though; any good?


I like this one more


ooh yeah, this just came on. a great mix of Rounds era lead work over his more recent style of beats.


this is bloody lovely


Cannot stop listening to this, got a really warm and inviting sound to it.


Seems to be a new one. Love it


hmm embedding didn’t seem to work


Think that’s The Reservoir? Not sure where it was from originally but it was on that Randoms compilation he released last year -

Still a great track mind! Not sure what is going on with the weird text on Spotify?


Ah nice, thanks! It has a Spotify release date in August so I thought it might be new - great tune tho!!


have you accepted the 49 hour playlist challenge? (well he made a playlist on spotify that’s 49 hours long and i decided i’m going to make it a challenge, breaks for life allowed obviously). i’m 1hr and change in :heart_eyes:

there will be someone somewhere who spent an entire weekend listening to it all


I really liked it. Awesome song.



He keeps adding more stuff though!