Four Tet

New song:


i like it

Not heard it but, um, well I’ve not heard it.


Thanks for posting.
I’ve heard it twice.
I like it.
Mind not blown or anything, but I like it.

hadn’t really gotten on board with some of the more recent stuff but this sounds very much like earlier Four Tet. i like that.

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sounds like coffee table trip hop a bit. like what i imagine thievery corporation sound like from their description


I heard the last one and I think I liked it. Not heard this, though; any good?

I like this one more


ooh yeah, this just came on. a great mix of Rounds era lead work over his more recent style of beats.

this is bloody lovely

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Cannot stop listening to this, got a really warm and inviting sound to it.

Seems to be a new one. Love it

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hmm embedding didn’t seem to work

Think that’s The Reservoir? Not sure where it was from originally but it was on that Randoms compilation he released last year -

Still a great track mind! Not sure what is going on with the weird text on Spotify?

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Ah nice, thanks! It has a Spotify release date in August so I thought it might be new - great tune tho!!

have you accepted the 49 hour playlist challenge? (well he made a playlist on spotify that’s 49 hours long and i decided i’m going to make it a challenge, breaks for life allowed obviously). i’m 1hr and change in :heart_eyes:

there will be someone somewhere who spent an entire weekend listening to it all

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I really liked it. Awesome song.

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He keeps adding more stuff though!

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