Four Tet

Thought this was interesting from Madlib partner Egon:

Black Vinyl it is for this then.

Yeah, I’m kinda bummed and not bothered in equal measures. As long as I have a physical copy to listen to then black is cool with me and it does sound best, but I do like having a first press that was one of only 200 copies or something, so I hope they do limited pressings here as well. I’m sure a more standard version will be available from all good record stores going forward.

So turns out you might have been able to buy the limited versions from rappcat even though the suggestion on the website is you couldn’t and they aren’t doing anymore limited versions from the sounds of it:

They are going to be worth an absolute shit ton.


Love four tet, but never knowingly listened to Madlib before…

Absolutely loving Road of the Lonely Ones

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Wow. Just played these two new tracks. Stellar stuff indeed. Massive drop of medicine for the brain. Perfecto.

Uk preorders seem to be live

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Twenty Eight Pounds! :sob:

yeah… I didn’t bite! (yet)