Four Tet


is he doing another show at the Academy?



Exclusive album play at 11.30 on 6 Music, apparently


pm, I presume? Don’t know why I’m asking, I’m clearly going to wait until it turns up on my spotify, but anyway…



New album came out today. Listened to it twice. I absolutely love it. Best since there is love in you in 2010.
I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.


Totally with you on this being my favourite release of his since There is Love in You! I found plenty to enjoy on both Pink and Beautiful Rewind but this is constantly brilliant from start to finish.


Echoing the above. This is really really brilliant. Pretty transcendent at points tbh.


Really looking forward to getting down on this.


I reckon this will feature in a few end of year lists. Great stuff.


Pretty much in love with this album.


Daughter is a great track


Sounded paper thin on first listen. Really digging it now. You Are Loved and Daughter are all kinds of lovely.

He has sort of made a Pantha Du Prince record. No bad thing mind.


The little short segments remind me of a typical Burial album, only here done in a Four Tet style.

Love the record, gonna pick it up on wax tomorrow for sure.


definitely his best since There is Love in You


Sounds like Burial you say?


heh, take it to the conspiracy theory thread pal.
They have worked together on 3? releases: Moth, Nova and the one with Thom Yorke (pretty sure there were rumours he was Burial for a while)


Pretty sure Banksy was also Burial at one point too.


Two London gigs in February:


Best album since Rounds for me. Can’t stop playing it. Late AOTY contender.