Just seen Foxing are doing of a uk tour in May next year.

05/05 - patterns, Brighton
06/05 - the castle and falcon - Birmingham
07/05 - gullivers- Manchester
08/05 - Brudenell social club - Leeds
09/05 - Le pub - Newport
11/05 - the joiners - Southampton
12/05- scala - London
Then some dates in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands.

Just bought a presale ticket for Scala on live nation, tickets are on sale tomorrow though.

I loved nearer my god, and draw down the moon is also fantastic.

Also really enjoy the first 2 albums as well. I know there were a few people on here who were talking about them when DDTM was released earlier in the year.


Foxing deffo needs its own thread. Unfair to lump them into the emo one IMO. Nearer My God is an absolute all timer for me. Their new one is not as good, but has its moments, but live they’re ferocious. Can’t wait to see them. Going to Leeds/Manc and maybe LDN.


Agree, it is a bit emo… but not really. They were great on the last tour and really excited about hearing the new stuff live. I agree on the new album, it’s really strong, it hasn’t quite grabbed me in the same way as NMG did… but that album is phenomenal so maybe that’s to be expected.

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I don’t know much tiger’s jaw, I saw they toured together, I will check them out.

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Absolutely phenomenal live band. Yet to capture that magic on record although I’d argue that Draw Down The Moon comes close. Understand the people who think it’s not as good as NMG but my word that album is loooong Will be at the Amsterdam date with bells on

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I’ll be at the Scala gig :blush:

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I think it’s because I was on the Patreon and stuff, and doing all the rituals and whatnot - they released five tracks beforehand which…whilst I totally understand why they did it, and it got them a lot of exposure, did kind of ruin the record in a way as I’d heard half already. It’s too disjointed really, and there’s quite a big discrepancy between the amazing stuff (Speak With The Dead) and the not so amazing stuff (Lightning Strikes Twice). Again - that being said - live, absolutely killer, and it is still a solid 7 out of 10 album for me. NMG is long but amazing.

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I’ll also be at the Scala gig, and as an aside also love Tiger Jaw.


I adore Dealer and Nearer My God. Both are simply incredible, and I’ve never seen them live.

Sadly the uk tour you’ve listed seems excluded on Scotland and travelling isn’t easy now and impossible to predict! I’d love to come down tho, just don’t have the funds to get round it.

Anyway, not been grabbed by the new one and the single with Why? which I disliked put me off.

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Yeah that’s weird actually, no dates in Scotland, seems odd, but a date in Newport.

Looks like foxing are doing a uk tour, tickets go on sale tomorrow.

I think the last tour was canceled so this might be the first time they have been since draw down the moon (or I might have just missed a tour).

Ooh, it’s an albatross tour.