⚽️ FPL 2023/2024 ⚽️


For the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League why don’t you join my mini-league “DiS”?

Joining the league couldn’t be easier. Simply use the link below and you’ll be added automatically after you’ve entered the game.

League Code: bf8jok

Looking forward to playing against you this season!


Ruined by Haaland


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Miss the days of setting a team and leaving it. Seems the way to win these days is religiously following FPL
blogs/podcasts, sticking rigidly to the template and being consistently available to make changes right before the deadline. Which is a bit boring. 0% skill, 2% luck and 98% grind.

But I will, of course, be taking part once again.


We tried to do this with a draft a couple of years ago and people ruined it by making forbidden transfers.

If you’re using the podcasts/forums for anything other than injury news then that’s on you. Most youtubers are shit


I’ll join. Henderson’s Relish is my team name.


I’m in! Looking forward to this season.

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And so are all the others saying ‘nah’


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The big decision for me before a kick off is the obvious picks + Salah or no Salah with a more beefier defence and even spread of £.

Even with everyone fit no other striker pick after Haaland floats my boat at all. But weird for the best league in the world.

Doesnt help the game seems to stick every forward as a midfielder


Alright Parsefone


Not gonna do it this year. Just gonna try and enjoy football normally without thinking about Bournemouth needing to keep a clean sheet. Good luck to you all <3

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For the three or four weeks it’ll take me to sulkily stop paying attention to it, anyway.

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Hello, I have joined and will inevitably forget about it. Once again I am running the Bundesliga Wasteman Fantasy league for your chance at becoming the WASTEMEISTER!!!

League “Bundesliga Abfallmann”
Password “Wasteman”

I find its quite fun and a bit more accessible than PL (3 transfers a week, can change your team as the weekend progresses etc.) So if you have any curiosity at all it’s worth a punt!


Might try this, seems like a fun way of getting into a league

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Aye would definitely recommend it for exactly that, good for scouting out future PL Wastemen too and getting to look like an expert on it

Did @mert the flirt run the longstanding DiS league as well as the money league? Seems to have disappeared.

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New league code is bf8jok