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I saw a team online with a score of 1. It wasn’t an abandoned team, he just had a clean sweep of every red card etc. absolutely amazing stuff.


fucks sake, just took a -4 by accident for a bench player. hope someone else gets injured now

Udogie was always out this week (even before the red) with Estupinan/Saliba the easy options. The re-injury to Pervis and upcoming price rise made it easy.

After stupidly choosing Gabriel over Saliba 5 mins before GW1 I’m glad to be back - even with wildcards I think he’s a season hold now.

My first ‘not forced because of injury’ of the 6 defensive transfers I’ve made this season!

oh…lol. -4 well spent


Brought Trippier and Palmer in for Van de Ven and Maddison.

Livramento and Estupinan for Burn and Udogie. Estupinan now injured again

Brought in Gordon, taking a punt on Watkins as captain but a part of me thinks the big robot is gonna have a field day today against Chelsea.

transferring Solanke out for Darwin in last week seemed like a good idea at the time

right now, not so much

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So glad I had that extra change for Saliba over Gabriel.

Yeah glad Inplayed Saliba but taking a -4 for Livramento (0 points) and Estupinan (0 points) is haunting me. Tsimikas best do fuck all

imagine tsimikas to salah makes a lot of people very happy

Fuck my life, honestly.

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Oh fuck off

Only had him in my team for the 1 pointer last week not the 2x 6’s recently and current 14. :sweat_smile:

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Tbf I’m not that annoyed, starting Livramento ay Bournemouth over a player who was dropped last game, rubbish midweek vs a pretty attacking team isnt that stupid on paper, just one of those which went the wrong way

Antonee Robinsons on course for a bonus point and he conceded 3, scored an own goal and got booked

So gutted I wasn’t watching when Salah, Bowen and Watkins all scored in the same minute. Probably the highlight of my season.

More points in that min than some got all last week I’d guess.


looks like I was only a benched Tsimikas away from losing top spot in the DiS league

red arrows in all but the DiS league for the 2nd week in a row but still somehow in the top 20k

Stressful. I’ll be glad of the international break (don’t think I’ve ever said/thought that before)

Also at fault for the Watkins goal.

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Can everyone ignore the Mitoma and Bowen and flags jump back to Mbeumo next week like I was planning. I could do without the price rise. Cheers.