⚽️ FPL 2023/2024 ⚽️

Fell into the Alexander Arnold trap like a sucker, fast tracked him out

Yep will swap him for a city defenseman next week

What’s happening with Salah? Is he staying at Liverpool?!
I need to know before tonight’s deadline!

I’ve brought Darwin in, mainly in the hope he’ll revert to form and go ten games without a goal.

Some absolute ballbag’s going to have Son, Haaland and Ferguson aren’t they?


Jackson with 3 yellows and 1 goal so far. Him and Pickford being favourites of all the big content creators has to be a gag/psyop. Didn’t fall for it. :eye:

Lucky they’re playing against a garbage team really

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Underperforming Son → Maddison for a -4 is the sort of transfer that wakes you up in the night.

I hovered over bringing in Ferguson in but changed my mind at the death. Can’t complain though, best start I’ve had in about a decade

I’ve got two of them… but Ferguson was on the bench :upside_down_face:

Wildcard this week?

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  • nay
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Forgetting to shift Robertson has paid off

Need Isak to not get subbed on and I’ll have had a massive day

Looks like I captained Darwin Nunez this week.

Grubby little game, fuck off.

Glad I didn’t get Son in!

Jackson still going strong I see.

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Ramsdale on the arsenal bench today!

22 points on the bench :confused:

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I’ve got 20 on mine and I thought that was bad.
I guarantee that when I play my bench boost it will be 1, -1, 0, 0

Every year I play this bastard game, every year nothing but pain.