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Annoyingly for me I have 22 bench points & I am 21 points away from leading the DiS league

It’s the pain that never goes away! :weary:

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Got 20 bench points but it’s only effectively 8 points dropped from if I’d picked the best possible line-up

hmm yeah, my points dropped differential is actually 13 … which would put me 3rd if I’d chosen more wisely/been able to successfully predict the future

Henry to Botman was always a move for me this week and the injury nails it. Just have to be weary of price changes - want to wait until after the UCL game but might need to jump beforehand.

Reckoning Alvarez was massively underpriced: :smirk:

Reckoning Jackson was massively underpriced: :clown_face:

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Seems a bit more open this season doesnt it. Need to learn from my past mistakes of holding onto players hoping they’ll come good rather than going for who is in form.


Definitely think playmaking fullbacks are much less important now with Cancelo gone, James always injured, and Trent going through what feels like an extended period of mixed form. Estupinan feels like a no-brainier, obviously.

Chilwell will definitely come good, definitely

The week after I take him out of my team.

Ive taken Foden out, big haul incoming

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Got in before the Botman prise rise last night. :sunglasses: Not a lot has gone to plan so far, so little victories like saving 0.1 feel like differential hauls.

Madders back out to Rasher for the next 2 weeks fixtures is the other transfer I have my eye on.


Not fallen for any of these. :sunglasses:

Fuck sake

Alvarez in at a 4 point hit. Smooooth move

True heads got Alvarez in in time for his 14 and 9 pointers :sunglasses:


Even before bonus added my 4 players today already with more points than the whole team last week. :sunglasses:

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