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Was hoping to roll the transfer next week, but Chilwell has to go now.


I have Gusto and Chilwell. They can’t both go

Played my wildcard this week and ditched Saka, Dias, Trippier and Nunez. Silly game fuck off.


The only player in my entire team not to return in some way.

Gusto got -2

Might be a decent points haul this week. 85-ish

wish I’d captained Trippier though

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104 this week (I think). Pretty smug about my Trippier Botman double up


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If I’d played Eze instead of Rodri I’d have 400 points now

stupid Rodri

how many people play this?

is top quarter of a millionth good, considering I don’t think i’ve ever looked at my team? I imagine it’s shite, but usually i\m like 3 millionth or something by this point.

fucking infuriating game. at 4.30 was well buzzing - Leno CS and bonus points, Saka, Bowen, Salah, Haaland, Estupinan assist, Cash CS. great stuff. then I didn’t have any Newcastle players and my mate who is the guy I play against for cash prize at the end had Trippier. annoying

Get it on your CV, mate.

I binned of Chilly last night, but thinking about it I could’ve held for a week with the Gusto red. Disasi probably will switch over and Chilwell might get back in at LB.

Was top of the DiS league for a brief period over Saturday.

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I reckon virtually everyone doing alright shares about 11/15 players.

They could easily take steps to make it more competitive, imho. Change it to two players from each club max. Get rid of the % Selected By and Transfers In/Out as I think most people use these to make changes.


That’s what I’m hoping for. Though Chilwell will probably drop in value

Yeah, it’s boring. After years of doing it off my instincts and being shite, last year I tried following the 11-15 player template that everyone follows, checking the latest news on reddit, being aware of the deadlines and making the recommended changes to said template right before. Won my leagues and came just outside of the top 100,000. But it wasn’t any fun. So now I’m just back to doing the eye test based on the weekend’s footie and mediocre again.

Would welcome any changes that made it a bit less predictable. As mentioned above, Haaland as the set and leave captain has removed even more of the variation/surprise from the game.

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Reckon one thing they could do is change the pricing structure, make it a bit more like the old newspaper fantasy leagues in the sense that if you want one of the real elite players you’ve got to sacrifice elsewhere. Doesn’t make sense that you can have five or six real star players. Some of the highest scoring midfielders in particular just aren’t priced anywhere near highly enough.

Disagree with this. I love that it’s not like that anymore. Makes it so much more inclusive a game like it is now. :slight_smile:

It’s so easy now for more people to join and make a good team with players they know with the generous pricing. My little bro and sisters and now even 9-year-old nephew can play along in our league because of it, they love it!

Of course it ruins it a little for those taking it more serious, but I think it’s a definite change for the better.