FPL 22/23

Oh no time to ruin our lives again

DiS league: Fantasy Premier League, Official Fantasy Football Game of the Premier League


Will do it for a couple of months and give up after triple captaining someone wild in a single game week because i had a feeling they were gonna get a hatty


And we’re liiiiiiive

Looking forward to the no transfers DiS draft league


Oh ffs i hate this i love it

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Forwards are sparse yet pricy. 8mil for Calvert Lewin


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also done!

feels quite hard this year

money league?

  • yes i’m in
  • no thanks

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well this is annoying

Logging in requires an email verification but it’s not sending me a verification mail :sob:

anyone else having this problem?

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Blanked out kits just makes me assume they’re playing for Russia now

reckon i’ll do fairly well but not spectacularly, and then in about february I’ll have a busy few weeks and forget to make transfers and then give up entirely after that

What’ve you got planned in February?

It’s my sister’s birthday

It’s mine too. Joint party?

Yeah go on then


Unlimited free transfers while the season stops for the World Cup and first Wildcard has to be used before then

piece of piss tinpot league

I assume we will never do it again so I don’t have to back my chat up


The no transfer draft league should start when the transfer window slams shut.