FPL 22/23

I’ll offer 12,200,001


Jeez, I dropped him weeks ago and it was an easy decision.

Dropped him after he played 90 minutes in a game where his team scored 9 and he didn’t get a single contribution.

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83 with Kane to go.
87 last week.

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Haaland is basically the little door Jack and Rose laid on to try and keep out of the sea in Titanic. He’s doing his best but there’s no way Di Caprio ain’t perishing.

84 points and still go down in the ML

89 for me. Think I may have just jumped over you. Sorry.

you did you menace! a Mitrovic blank did me very nicely yesterday, could’ve been a whole lot of red arrows had he scored

Seems me bringing in Ferguson of Brighton last week did it.

Can’t decide between sticking with the terminator as captain this week or giving the armband to double-gameweek Rashford

  • Haaland
  • Rashford
  • Other(please state)

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Tempted to galaxy brain it and captain De Gea or Shaw and bank on clean sheets in 2 easy home games. But probs Rashford


I’m thinking about triple capping Rashford

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Should I do the following:

Out - Cancelo and Almiron
In - Dan Burn and Solly March

I’m not in the DiS btw so don’t let that affect your answer…

If not March then anyone got any tips? Not sure who else is a good choice and already have 3 Man utd (Rashford, Shaw and Dalot on the bench) and 3 Arsenal players (Gabriel, Martinelli and Odegaard).

  • Yes, do it
  • No, don’t do it.

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Would go for Mitoma over March for Brighton, personally. But that might be a bit band-wagony


Theres still over a week till the deadline. Gonna get a Leeds midfielder in me if its a DGW as a replacement for Almiron. Think he’s had his Willock/Lingard ‘score 8 games in a row then do fuck all’ period

He’s easy to root for though. He plays like I play (in my head) at 5 a side. I love a good bandwagon he’s going in my team this week for sure.


Oh shit yeah!

This is exactly what i’m thinking.

Both marginally safer to bet on Rashford and probably something of a differential given the number of people who’ll captain Haaland regardless. Absolutely no guarantee that Haaland won’t get a hat trick and more points than Rashford in one game, but also, more likely to completely blank.

Also worth noting that if United draw in the FA Cup they won’t have a double GW, so keep an eye on that.

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Which Leeds player? I might put one in to ensure a Forest win

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Gonna see when its closer the time. Rodrigo seems the best shout but dunno if Bamfords gonna impact him. Maybe keep Almiron and take my backup striker out for Gnonto