FPL 22/23

If I have one free transfer now, and I play my free hit next GW, without using my free transfer, will I then have two free transfers the next GW?

If not, can I make 1 free transfer next GW, then play my free hit, therefore still being able to make 2 free transfers across the consecutive game weeks as per normal?

Or does playing the chip completely override any free transfer?

No, the free transfer will be gone. And the chip would override any transfers you made before locking it in too.

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Rats. Don’t have any choice but to free hit for GW28, but could really use those two transfers to set me up for 29

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I’m pretty much the exact spot.

Free hit now to cover the mass of big blanks OR start with a weak 10 players and no bench this week and save the free hit for next week and to try get all doubles.

I’m planning to wildcard this week and bench boost next but if I ws you, I’d probably go for the free hit in doubles. 10 players is still pretty good really


Yeah I only have 5 players this week if I don’t FH!

Though I think I could also field a team the following week with 9 doubles plus Kane and Haaland, if I make 1 sub, which could be worse. Just won’t be the pick of the form players like the hitters will get.

Think I’d have 7 - if it was early in the season I’d just make a couple of transfers but the last few weeks havent gone well for me so need to do as much as possible to get some points back!

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Was edging that way. Actually have a transfer so could make an 11.

Bench boost + free hit with loads of doubles next week seems the way. Will be away in Iceland so hopefully can do it all as I’ve heard there are sometimes issues doing if from abroad.

Imagine looking a week ahead. Dorks


If you can make a full team I definitely wouldn’t free hit this week tbh. Think it’s likely to be a relatively low scoring GW across the board and the differential you get won’t be big enough compared to doing it on a double

You can’t play them in the same week, iirc


Unfortunately FPL don’t backdate these points once the tables are updated. Happily for us I know that @Mert_Aksac holds himself to a much higher standard and will presumably be manually adjusting these points in the final table, and I thank him for that.

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Feel cursed with Brighton mids, have had Mac Allister and Mitoma previously during fallow periods for them and now only have March. Having quite a good week as it is (as things stand it’s my highest gameweek ranking all season), but if I wasn’t this might have been the final straw.

Free Hit team for next week:

Confirmed. Bit of a joke that

was hoping to make my first 100pt gameweek of the season this week, finished on 99pts

should have bench boosted, would’ve had 112pts

fuxake Ivan Toney why must you get so many yellows?


Was thinking of doing it for GW29, but there really aren’t many one sided fixtures for the better teams. :man_shrugging:

Having left 17 or more points on the bench 7 tones ashtray this season (including the first three gameweeks) I was relieved to play mine this week and bring 22 points in. If I hadn’t had such a bad start to the season I’d be feeling quite good now, but recent good form is only really clawing me back into mid-table on any of my significant leagues.

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83 points for me, but another 22 on the bench. 14 of which were from Gabriel. I decided to bench him to bring in Estupinan as he had a double game week, but while he got a clean sheet yesterday let two in at Leeds.
I should have benched Trippier instead, or played the extra defender.

I’ve only got 7 players for the forthcoming game week.

99 last week! Can’t complain

Sold Haaland this week and brought in Watkins, benched all my Brighton players. Likely bench boost next week