FPL 22/23


Are you getting Bumted players in next gameweek?

I had Rashford and took him out but fully plan on getting him back in. Not really thinking about any others though

Pressing the Hail Mary button this week

Replacing Almiron with Willock was a good decision

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77 points, happy with that

Reckon Haaland is playing tomorrow? I’ve ended up without him in my squad, and am tempted to play a wildcard to refresh my team (partly to bring him back in)… but if he’s out injured it’ll be a very bad idea!

Dont think anyone will know till kick off tbh. Id guess he comes on as a sub

Glad I took a points hit for Emerson Palmieri only for him to be flagged literally half hour later

Probably back, but hope not as I can’t quite finagle him back in my team.

Holding a transfer for next week to fully work it out as he 100% needs to be captain then.

Do City have 2 matches this game week? If not I might stick with Toney and Watkins over Haaland

No just one

Hmmm thanks. Gonna stick with Toney, Kane and Watkins then I reckon.

Yeah I’m going in with Toney, Watkins and Joao Felix lmao

Captaining Madders for a laugh

Same, but I aint laughing!


I have had 5 or 6 different gameweeks were I’ve had 15+ points sat on the bench

Bench boosting this week and my 15 men will be playing a potential total of 25 matches

Anything less that 120 points will be a disaster

ah bench boost week, always a bit disappointing isn’t it.

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Im on a -12 so far this GW, captain Maddo. Sensible option this week is definitely Rashford

Far too much uncertainty this week. Hate DGWs

Had hoped to bench boost this week

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