FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

We do live in “unprecedented times” though

Birmingham had one years ago, long time mind.

I didn’t play FPL in the 1970s


Are we having a go at the Euros? I seem to recall the official game is a bit shit. Could we please play one with an ap as I’ll probably be away from my computer with the time difference and shift work :frowning:

Don’t really like tournament fantasy football. Even more random/I don’t know enough about the players.

Didn’t have time/couldn’t be arsed changing my team the final two gameweeks. Turns out I rose about 2 million GR in that time, ultimately winding up 12th in the DiS league and inside the top 400k overall.

Mug’s game.

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Are there any good Euro 2020 fantasy football games? Is anybody running a league?


I’d be up for it. I’m camping this weekend, but I could set one up before the big kick off.


Prediction league:

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I’d like that. Count me in.

If anyone fancies doing a DiS fantasy euros, I’ve set a league up. If somebody has already done this I’ll delete it.


League code 21VT2OUW07



Thanks! I’m swamped rn but I’ll join when I can.

I got a break and decent internet access. Obviously the Forest and Fire lads are getting a game :smiley: I’ll probably autopick and then try to fix it later

Looks like today’s the day

Bit early innit?

Got my team, how do you find your ID?

go to view gameweek history, it’s in the URL

also there’s a new thread

cheers, was just going to delete this post as I saw the new thread

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