FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Can’t wait to get rid of my Burnley players after this week

Cant believe I have 2 Burnley defenders

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FPL Nailed It - 2020/21 season.


ha! everyone has probably said similar. I dread to think some of the guff I’ve spouted on here :slight_smile:


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68 points from the first round of games, Calvert-Lewin still to play his first game. Pretty solid stuff for a once-over at 10:59 Saturday morning.

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I’m not looking at mine. I’m probably on about twenty something, an absolute horror show.

32 with lovely James still to play. Look, it’s terrible but I’ll take it.

Stones and gundog benched. Way to ruin a decent dgw, pepe.

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KDB and Cancelo starting but Gundo benched, I can take that.

Please Cancelo. Now is the time to finally get a monster haul

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Knew I should have captained Son


This DGW has been such a washout with benchings and injuries.

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City doing almost no one any favours tonight. Im ok with that


got an unexpected 8pt bonus from Gundögan coming off the bench for 8 minutes

‘Almost no one’

well, it was kind of a negative anyway seeing as Pep should never have benched him

Pep benches everyone. One of life’s few truisms.

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yeah, I hate it

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Think Pep’s clocked that you can’t play Gundogan and de Bruyne at the same time. Might be time to cash out on the former #Parsleyknows