FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Him getting an assist yesterday has annoyed me, gonna give him next week then see

Seriously considering Salah and Gundo for Kev and Lingard (or someone equally average priced).

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Triple captain Fernandes was a great idea then


double gameweeks are a bit of a swizz aren’t they?

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BiGgEsT dOuBlE gAmEwEeK eVeR


fuck you, Dino!

Just love holding on for a two-point head-to-head win against an opponent with more double bubbles and triple captain.

I captained him :worried:

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:frowning: oh man

107 (-4) all in. 26 from the BB, good enough


that’s a really good score

i’ve played my TC and am only just gonna scrape a green arrow, unless Salah and Rudiger both go off, somehow.

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That’s 20 more than I’m gonna get

TC for Digne should give me 42 with his bonus points. Happy with that. Probably hit 85-90 depending on what Trent and Rhys James do now

Jota on the bench today. Might punt him as 5th mid.

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Perfect Barnes replacement

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If Salah blanks then this is the 2nd bumper double gameweek where I get a single goal from 20-odd attempts. Dias the only scorer this time round.

Another cleanie from Rudiger is HUGE for me

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actually considering Bruno and Salah out, Son and Bale in, for a -4. wild season

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Exactly this. Although might get pepe instead of son which is even madder.

Victory by a single point in the head-to-head, and my bench boost/triple captain chips live for another week… For a while after Richarlison scored, I thought the failure to tc Kane was going to bite me on the arse.

100 last week followed by “I can’t even be arsed to look” this week :joy:

Not sure I broke 50 with a triple captain played. I think that has to be the worst week I’ve ever had. I think that’s it for any faint hope of catching the leaders, but I’m hoping to at least hold on to top in the two other leagues I’m in.