FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Actually cautiously optimistic to see him put out a more defensive line-up. Maybe the United game finally persuaded him to be more pragm- oh wait, Mendy. Leicester by two or three it is.

Oh, the lineup is ok and he’s stuck to a vaguely familiar formation. Mendy might be ok until Ricardo comes on? I meant more benching 4 or 5 of the top selected City players on FPL.

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Yeah wrong thread, pissed off he’s benched Stones as well.

Son not playing, add him to Rudiger, Cancelo and Gundogan. So glad to have FPL back

Masterstroke not captaining kane.


Kane’s going to rescue my week. Been an absolute shocker so far.

46 with DCL & Cresswell still to play

26 of that is from Kane

Terrible week

You got more points from Kane than I got from my whole team, 3 to play

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I always bet against Newcastle except this week for some reason?? Oh well

lingard will come off the bench for me which is nice for me

3 West Ham goals and no points for Antonio. Gr8

I always do shit on MNF

Week saved by jling. What a world.


Lingard and Kane saved my week. To think my main concern going in was whether or not Reece James was going to play. I need to get rid of the fucker, but he’s one of those with a price point between two chairs with no obvious replacement for.

look at the state of the week I decided to play the bench boost


Damn! That’s an all timer

I hate Pep so much


But please don’t put your life in the hands
Of a rock and roll band

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It’s not that unusual he rested several first teamers before a midweek CL game. Very unlucky but you set yourself up there.

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It’s not unusual to see BITT cry