FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

DCL survives this week’s transfers AGAIN.

Undecided on captain. I’m going to guess that KDB will be rested given CL fixtures, no obvious other choice there.

Already preparing for a grand total of 30-40 points this week

Think it will be a lowscoring because there are a lot of top teams playing each other

I’m tempted to captain Lingard


Hit the WC this week (like a lot of people I feel). Feels a bit weird doing it when my team has been in the ascendency, but the fixtures are really turning for some teams.

My only major decision at this point is whether to have Phillips (and a better squad - including Son) or TAA and worse squad (no Son, Raphina instead). I haven’t watched Liverpool much recently except against Real Madrid where they were terrible - is Phillips likely to start until the end of the season? Or even for the next few games?

Friendship ended with RAPHINHA now DIOGO JOTA is my best friend


I have pinned all my hopes and dreams on Pedro Neto

8 point hit :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

I feel like an idiot for sticking with a couple of City players

but I’ll be fucked if I’m buying any Chelsea players

Love this. Will you bottle the money league by going full champions league Pep, or is it a masterstroke?

Lemme guess: Raphinha → Jota, Cancelo → someone, Bamford → Iheanacho? Probably miles off

I had two free transfers so it’s pretty much that plus one other :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And I’ll probably bottle it. Which is annoying as I’ve spent my winnings.

Forgot the deadline, think I left my team with Trent as captain.

About time he got another three assists in one game!

Can’t believe I forgot to swap my captain from Prince Phillip

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needed a Coady cleanie to justify my -8, biiiig sigh of relief

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There go my hopes and dreams

Delighted with my 4 point hit to bring Gundogan in

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I’ll take stones playing as a win (until bamford/raphina inevitably score as I’ve ditched them)

Got Bamford on the bench so hope Leeds win 1000-0