FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Had him for a few weeks earlier in the season, inlcuding a double gameweek. Needless to say he did absolutely nothing.


Pretty tight in the race for the DiS is Hardcore top 20

good thing i have nothing left to play for or i’d be very sad right now

Up to 11th despite Mane, Foden and AWB blanks as well as a Kane flop. Guess it was an even more miserable weekend for everyone else.

Dunk and Sanchez have proven to be inspired late game purchases.

this double gameweek is going to be completely infuriating isn’t it


Might bench boost this week

Get a little chuckle every time I see the phrase ‘Moyes, You Won’t’ btw. Kudos to whoever that is


United now have a triple gameweek… this week. As someone who doesn’t own any Man Utd players, I’m a little put out by this.

Holy shit

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47 points

My whole strategy up in flames, got 3x Leicester so if I bring in 3x Man Utd I’ll have 8 players for GW36 as they both blank. So now have to look at getting rid of my Leicester players for United players, but I don’t really want to… pahhhh

Who is the starting goalie for Man U? Henderson? Will he play all 3 games?

He has been recently but I doubt many players are going to get 3 games

Might stick Maguire and Cavani in

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Maguire has started the last 70 or something mad I read. I dunno what that means for a bloody triple week tho :open_mouth:

Wait… did something actually work out ok for me?

Bench boost let’s go. Got one transfer I can make too.

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Fun week for a free hit IMHO.

Oh yeah like I’ve got that lying around

Might captain Dean Henderson this week. Feels like the sort of move that’s either inspired or idiocy.

surely De Gea has a good chance of playing at least one of the matches