FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

My run of green arrows has come to an end. Gone from 1.9m in gw29 to 800k.

Can’t complain too much at 39 with only 6 players last week. Forster, Mahrez, Stones and Jota all choosing. To take the week off didn’t help.

Brought in willock :grimacing:

tempted to captain Shaw for this GW

no idea why

Might take a ZERO point hit this week

Team looks alright. Not put Fernandes back in at in favour of Salah who I can see doing alright at Burnley who are now on the beach, and Son cause its him against Ahmed Elmohamady

Got triple spurs attack - can see them hammering Villa tbh

Ysah think we’ve done. Kane though, wonder if that’ gonna disrupt them (he’s a good professional so probably not)

Reckon it will have the opposite effect on Kane. And he’s definitely focussed on golden boot anyway. Bale will probably want to score a few before he leaves again too.

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The age old dilemma , do I prefer points for my team or points for FPL

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I’ve got Watkins and Emi anyway so hoping for a 8-7 villa win with 30 saves including 2 penalty saves which are taken by Lucas Moura for some reason.

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who should I play in goal?

  • Martinez vs Spurs
  • Guaita vs Arsenal

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Will be chuffed with that!

Forgot again

slightly annoyed with myself that I’ve let an average season slip into an even more average one but what can you do, my heart’s elsewhere now

Two GWs left, thought I’d make my move and captained Werner

I think I’ve made a mistake

Bringing in Greenwood didn’t go so well.

Thanks Cancelo you absolute fanny

Well, haven’t Luke Shaw and Ederson And His Shit Neck Tattoo turned out to be a pair of bang-up performers for me this week?


Many thanks bielsa for subbing off one of my Leeds defenders and bringing on another one at half time, then keeping a clean sheet.


Rudiger wins this week’s “scores while dead last on my bench” lottery

VAR is spoiling it for me