FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Dan burn for me

I’ll raise you and @drspaceman a bench with Iheanacho, Sigurdsson and Nat Phillips, while Kane, Shaw and my current highest-scoring midfielder has four points.

After having Mitchell on my bench last week now got Phillips. Mint


Drspaceman Masterclass


Decent week with 60+ pts after bonus, but could really have done with Salah (c) scoring or assisting. Am now exactly level on points with one other player at the top of my football team’s mini-league (we are all rubbish)

You can do your team of the season at http://www.fplseasonreview.com/

El Mago :mage:

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Think Ramsdale (who I brought in for Pope) coming on for Areola will win me 1st place in one of my leagues. Lesson in the importance of bench options.

what a way to finish the season



Finished just inside the top 60k - my second best placing and best since 08/09.
After a disastrous start (outside top 2million in week 16), the 12 point hit I took in GW19 (weekly placing just outside the top 5k) rocketed me up the league and I started to take it seriously. Finished the season with 9 green arrows in a row (and 14 out of 16) which is pretty pleasing.

Despite the success of my 12 point hit above, I wasted FAR too many points on hits this year (64 in total). Will try to avoid this next time
Simple one, but don’t assume that the big stars will be as essential from any one season to the next. Stubbornly held on to KDB and refused to get in Bruno for far, far too long



Finished 15k, my second highest finish ever (and technically my best ever considering there’s double the amount of players now than when I got 12k). Pretty gutted to miss out on the top 10k considering I was level at the start of yesterday. Ended up having my worst game week of the season :joy: no transfers I made yesterday would’ve got me the top 10k, so not too many regrets.

Finished the season with 11 out of 13 green arrows, which took me from 32k to 15k. Two disastrous red arrows in those weeks.

Lessons for next year: chips aren’t all that, stop sweating them so much. No player is essential, I only had Kane for a few weeks this year and still had a great result.

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Next season - stop hanging onto players in the hope they may come good when they aren’t performing but also don’t hold off getting players in who are in form in the expectation they’ll soon lose form

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& -24 point hit every week

Not against that idea!

Wish I didn’t lose interest and stop making changes 4 weeks from the end, already regret not seeing it through

Pretty delighted with my season tbh. Think I mentioned before but my main goal in FPL is just to beat my dad, he thinks he’s Brian Clough. Beat him convincingly and won the family mini league by almost 100pts.

Finished inside the top 10K and topped the DiS league on the last game of the season which is my best ever finish. Had some real good luck this year, almost all of my chips seemed to benefit at the right times and I had some big points halls having the likes of Gundogan during his purple patch and John Stones that week he scored 2 goals and clean sheet. Regret not having Lingard for that stretch but glad I didn’t bring him in when it all dried up.

Lessons for next year - same as most people really. Held onto some people a bit too long and didn’t bring in form players when the time was right. Also took far too many hits, made 49(!) transfers this season which amounts to… what, 11 hits? 44points?

What an exhausting season though. All the blanks and doubles. No chance I’m doing fantasy Euros. Need a break.


Cancelled and rescheduled games, really sapped a lot of enjoyment out of the season for me. Really felt like I couldn’t get a break and build any momentum no matter what I did.

With 8.24m players, you’re in the 99.9th percentile. Not bad!


Thought I had won at least one minileague, but actually ended up tied for 1st place. Of course my rival had Bale didn’t he.