FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

if anyone fancies a Bundesliga Fantasy (lol) then knock yourselves out:

Password is: “Wasteman”

What’s the league name?

Does this work better? It’s Bundesliga Abfallmann anyway

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Yep! Works fine now :slight_smile:

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Thiago at 6.0m in the fantasy football seems like a massive bargain

granted it might be a while before he gets regular game time but at 6m might be worth getting him as a bench player now as his value is gonna skyrocket once he gets a regular first team place

When do we get a price for Bale?

Thiago will get Fernandinho esque stats. He got 3G2A in 34 (Bundesliga + champions league) last season

maybe, but he’s much more of a playmaker/distributor than Fabinho and I can see a number of hollywood pass, dropping the ball behind the defense assists to Mané & Salah and a few 30 yarders in his future

We might even play him higher up in front of Fabinho/Henderson where Keita has been playing recently

also, Fabinho has been a bit pony of late and Keita hasn’t really fullfilled his promise so I reckon Klopp will give him a chance in a few different roles before he finally settles as the link man between def/def mid & the front 3

6m is nothing in FF terms

6m is Laporte, Doherty, Azpilicueta, Mitrovic, who will all get more points (if playing)

(OK the defenders should technically be 5.5s; go AWB, Maguire, Gomez, etc etc)


honestly think Thiago’s value will rise faster than the others mentioned, even if his points don’t quite match

Then why would you pick him if hes gonna be more expensive but get less

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you buy him now for 6m, put him on the bench, then in late October/early Nov when he has 5 really high scoring games in a row & everyone is hailing him as the second coming and a shit ton of people buy him into their teams & his transfer value rockets to 7.2m or whatever you sell him and make a more canny purchase

My point from the start was that his transfer value is only going to rise because no one has had him in their team previous to this game week

By your logic this is true of all players who complete their transfer after the season is under way. Why would you hedge on a historically defensive midfielder to provide value?

Idk. Good luck!

If you think he’s going to get 5 big scoring games in a row don’t you want him in for the points anyway, not the value?

Fairly happy with my team now I’ve gotten rid of Saliba. May get rid of Son if Mourinho continues to Mourinho it, 9 points could be gainfully spent elsewhere. Also Kyle Kyle Walker Walker Peters if Southampton continue to look like they’re going to have an absolute stinker of a season. But otherwise it doesn’t look like I need to use the free hit week 3 like I usually do.

Cue 12 points, 4 first teamers develop hernias.

The lads


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Anyone else get incredibly insecure looking at other people’s teams? Have a real tendency to see all the strengths and none of the weaknesses in people’s teams, while doing the opposite for mine.

And I had a decent start last week, fuck knows what I’d be like if I’d had a stinker.


Alli to JRod? Did the same

Everyone else’s team looks like they’ve had about 200m to spend.



i dunno what I’m doing really, haven’t played FF for a while but back when I did I was always intrigued by the ‘highest value’ teams, a whole subculture of players playing it on stock value rather than points value - sacrificing points in the form of transfers for transfer value fluctuations, buying when the stock is low & selling when the stock is high. There were some players who had their teams up to 140m by the end of the season

thought Thiago might prove to be valuable on both fronts