FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

My main lesson: captain Bruno when he has a triple gameweek, you contrarian dickhead.

Had a rubbish start to the season but slowly clawed it back somewhat - was down at 3m after 6 weeks and already 50 points adrift of my nemesis @Mert_Aksac. Never really closed it lol. Slowly chipped away to 120k,m though, not awful, but needed to be riskier to do much better than that

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Lesson for next year is to get on bandwagons earlier.

Will never happen again

Happened before so why not

Don’t recall it happening in any other season …

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We do live in “unprecedented times” though

Birmingham had one years ago, long time mind.

I didn’t play FPL in the 1970s


Are we having a go at the Euros? I seem to recall the official game is a bit shit. Could we please play one with an ap as I’ll probably be away from my computer with the time difference and shift work :frowning:

Don’t really like tournament fantasy football. Even more random/I don’t know enough about the players.

Didn’t have time/couldn’t be arsed changing my team the final two gameweeks. Turns out I rose about 2 million GR in that time, ultimately winding up 12th in the DiS league and inside the top 400k overall.

Mug’s game.

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Are there any good Euro 2020 fantasy football games? Is anybody running a league?


I’d be up for it. I’m camping this weekend, but I could set one up before the big kick off.


Prediction league:

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I’d like that. Count me in.

If anyone fancies doing a DiS fantasy euros, I’ve set a league up. If somebody has already done this I’ll delete it.


League code 21VT2OUW07



Thanks! I’m swamped rn but I’ll join when I can.

I got a break and decent internet access. Obviously the Forest and Fire lads are getting a game :smiley: I’ll probably autopick and then try to fix it later