FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

My rough draft for the moment. Chilwell might go depending on where he ends up, might take Laporte out too if I need a bit more value for money

Bamford worth a go at 5.5? Remember him being well thought of a few years ago

Someone feel free to bookmark this but Bamford is crap and won’t do well this season.


If we play like last season he should get lots of chances. Might surprise people if he improves on his finishing.

In all honestly I can see him being a bit like David McGoldrick in that he’s good and important for us but not a player to go with in FPL.

Yes please.

I don’t think it’d be right to reward mediocrity.

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imo there’s not much point spending big money on forwards when you can just spend on midfielders who ARE forwards but therefore get an extra point for every single goal

stupid system for that reason

(disclaimer that I’m not very good at fantasy football)


Wait… what?!

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A player I would never pick on principle. Tory prick always tried his hardest against us.

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Yeah, that’s a bit MLS

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get ur updated histories out


I see you’re all midfielders now father.


I’m going to need to start scrolling down on this soon :persevere:


This is my problem with fantasy football. Who can be fucked with all that maintenance, I’m not ranieri.

Is there one where you pick 11 players and that’s your lot?

Mainly played Telegraph FF until 14/15 but then it went shit and paying for it started becoming ridiculous. For a free product, FPL really is very good isn’t it?


Last Days of Isco are IN

also I’m not sharing my history of finishes because I’ve never been very good at this.


I’m in @AQOS will msg you now.

I had a very good year once so here’s that for intimidation purposes.

Last time out I accidentally played my early wildcard on the app with my phone in my pocket… was catching up the rest of the season.

I am up for playing this season. I used to play it a while back, but always had a policy never to pick any Spurs players, and this rendered the game very irritating when they briefly became a half decent side, so I stopped.

I reckon no Utd, City or Wolves players first week followed by an early wildcard!

I used to play the Metro’s game. I think you got 1 transfer a month, but could pay for extras. I came 33rd one year and didn’t pay for any extra transfers.

In. Will donate to the cash league then forget and bin it off halfway through the season and someone can have my money


I look forward to the prize money going to me and the three other Malcoms still playing after Project Restart VI

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