FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

wild carding it, and just trying to make the most of what money I have left.

last two positions are fifth midfield option and figuring out the remaining defensive options.

  • Saka and Chilwell with Lamptey on the bench
  • Foden and Balbuena with Lamptey starting

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which one do I go for?

is Saka going to get points?

is Foden?

Chilwell and Lamptey with a 4.5 on the bench for me, Clive

guess they’re both starters most weeks, and more likely get assists given that left/right backs are basically the main width

whereas Fodiesta will probs be rotated and won’t necessary be involved in goals directly as much as them, and Saka isn’t a guaranteed starter yet either?


Wanted to get Kane in but was 0.2 out so had to go Vardy instead. Feel like a real chump

Looking good for at least 70 points this gameweek provided Jimenez doesn’t miss three pens tomorrow night or something

My favourite head-to-head weeks in the office league are the ones like this, when you win with a day’s fixtures to spare. You don’t have to score loads (54 is probably my ceiling); just more than the other guy… (That he’s a Villa fan is quite satisfying after what happened a fortnight ago.)

just went mad and redid my entire team

sacrificed defense for midfield & attack

only problem is who to pick as captain

not shown: two non-starters and a -1 for Richarlison


Can’t understand it. All the goals this year and I’ve got 2 goals and an assist from my forwards in total this season.

Put Ryan in goal instead of Martinez ofc. Still got a few lowballers still to play so on course for a reasonable round, but Ayew and Greenwood are completely stinking up the joint. Might take the hit to get them both out next week.

To be fair on Ayew, he’s got Covid.

Aye I only just saw that, reads harsher than I intended in that light.


Son rescued me from an abysmal week. Took a -4 hit to make some spontaneous changes mid-gameweek and then Dunk got a red and Van Dijks injury details came in :neutral_face:

too many big guns doing well. Don’t like it.

TAA is dangerously close to get binned off


And yet the week I do it is the week Liverpool remember how to defend and he ends up with a hattrick of goals and assists and a clean sheet.

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Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 21.03.49


Can’t believe I didn’t enter the money league. What a waste.

**proceeds to lose heavily for rest of season

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Ah the fleeting joy of having a defenders goal being VARed off

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Gonna nearly get up to 90 points this week: best non double gw score for a looong time.