FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽


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:man_shrugging: James got 8 points and I’m 2.0 transfer ingots up. I’ve definitely done worse business in the past.

Jota has been really handy these last few weeks.

Zaha self isolating

1 point Bissouma off the bench

Bad end to a good week

Zaha out for Jota this week I suppose

Managed to turn round an ill-advised Grealish captaincy shout with decent points from Robertson, Digne and Calvert-Lewin. Was still hoping for some returns from Zaha tonight, although he will get auto-subbed out for Lookman, and could pave the way for Van Aanholt to be the star man instead :pray:


Peeved about Zaha, got Mendy coming in who got one whole point.

Decent week though.

I’ve got Lamptey on the bench ready to replace him,… oh.


Ended up with only 9 players this gw. Fuck BT.

I didn’t have the best of weeks, but the results of this poll were invaluable.

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A below average week, which would have been an above average week had I captained the right player and had any of my subs actually played and covered for the corona Salah

Zaha being out completely fucked me. Awful week. Feeling the mid-season malaise set in where I just stop caring about it.

I’m almost annoyed that I seem to be doing quite well, as I’d love to stop giving a shit right about now.

You guys are all really good at this. Don’t think I’m doing that badly compared to a lot of people I’m in leagues with, and I’m still scrabbling around the lower reaches constantly (I was bottom for about 3 weeks in a row til this week)

Yeah I’m way ahead in all of my other leagues. I think they have more people who forget to update stuff, so end up with three crocked strikers or something.

One guy I’m in a league with has someone who went out on loan for the season to Italy in his first team.


I once went a season with Ricky van Wolfswinkel as my starting striker


Imagine how happy and carefree they must be

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I’m doing sort of okay so far… found my feet and haven’t lost it yet :grimacing:

I’ve had a very mediocre season, compounded by my best mate being 147 points ahead of me and in the top 2,000 overall.

Should probably have given up after going for Mane over Salah the first week, and get badly burned most weeks by the Son / Kane axis of evil. I haven’t played FPL since that lot started doing well a few seasons back, they suck all the joy out of everything.

Quietly going about my business now after a dreadful week 3 wildcard. Moved up about 700k places this week. Bit nervous having no de bruyne or Salah but think I’ll hold spurs players. Got to fancy Jose against Frankie “Tim Sherwood with a-levels” Lampard.

Edit: Wasn’t meant as a direct reply but I am gloating about Kane and Son a bit!