FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2020/21 ⚽

Are the odds of an all DiS cup match still about a million to one?

56 points and another cup win

worth playing the free hit for

I am a wizard

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I should have captained Mitchell.

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Worked out pretty well tbh

Yeah I’m really really annoyed

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58 actually, Mitchell got a couple of bonus points

bit annoying that despite the free hit I still didn’t get 11 players playing

Feeling like taking a massive gamble for GW 19 and triple captaining Soucek. 2 home games against Burnley & WBA. Could be a genius move …or a very stupid one

32 points from 6 players. :man_shrugging:t2: I can shrug that off.

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56 points. Most I’ve had in about a month

50 points without free hitting: happy with that.

presumably with a free hit still to play? I would probably have traded my 53 for that. There’s no way there won’t be a similar, probably worse, blank week.

I have a bad feeling that everyone is going to be thoroughly betrayed by West Ham next week.


Almost doubled what I’d’ve scored if I hadn’t used the Free Hit.
Reckon I’ve cracked the top million and back in the Netting Time top 10.
I just know I’m going to wish I hadn’t used it in the coming weeks but feeling very happy right about now :arrow_upper_right::arrow_upper_right:


On free hit for the dgw:

  • Son Vs Sheffield
  • Rashford vs Liverpool and Fulham

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If Fernandes gets booked against Liverpool, does he miss the Fulham game?

Dgw captain

  • KDB
  • Son
  • Kane
  • Bruno
  • Salah
  • Err… Soucek?
  • Other

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  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I am looking at Bench Boost with all 15 players potentially playing twice

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I’d need to take a 12 point hit to get to a bench boost and even then I’d be relying on my villa players playing and Pep roulette and general covid madness. Still tempted cos it’d be a great squad on paper…

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Leeds v Southampton being off has fucked up my strategy for this week that was being prepared for 3 weeks.

Still tempted to do a -8 to get 11 players on DGW, and then do bench boost, because there never really seems to be an ideal time to do it?

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