FPL (Fantasy Premier League) 2021/22

Wow, ‘2021/22’ looks so futuristic.

The game is updating now so looks like we’re launching soon.

I’ll be doing the money league again if anyone is interested?

  • I would be interested
  • I would not be interested
  • I would have but Mert destroyed me last season and I’m too ashamed to try again

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They’ve released the player values. Digne has dropped by 0.7 which is good news

Fofana is only 4.5 which seems drastically cheap. Justin only 5 too like they forgot how amazing he was for fantasy just cos he was injured. Hell, 5.5 for Castagne and Ricardo is good too. Not a bad way to buy into a defence of a top 4 club.

Nerds like me have crashed the site trying to get a low ID

It’s open.


(that’s a really nice ID to have for all of the sites you need it for, as i can just think of an owl)


3425 in the house

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now there are Brentford players in this, I am doubly excited to spend ages picking a team and then forgetting about it after week 2 :partying_face:

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Just gonna play my autofill team this year

Looks like they’ve added private cup competitions

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Got my team, where do you find the ID?

Get your histories out for the lads


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Very mixed bag:

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Dallas being a midfielder was inevitable but still annoying

The increase in competition level over the last five years can’t really be understated I don’t think. Definitely much much harder to break in to top 100k now then it was before. So many more players and the availability of resources has gone stratospheric too

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Had some major “fucked it” moments the last 2 seasons I never recovered from. We go again


That’s a very impressive record

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The ones before it are all shite fwiw

Release the Tuna cut

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Very annoying that they don’t right justify the rankings

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Triple captain ACTIVATED