⚽ 💰 FPL Money League 2021/22

Are we up for it again?

£10 buy in, same price structure as last year (1st: 50%, 2nd: 25%, 3rd: 15%, 4th: 10%)

If you’d like to join then DM me, I’ll send you my details, you send the money, then I’ll send you the league code.

Tagging those that were in last time:
@nestor @GarethI @weezer9957 @bugduv @pichaelmarker @boxtoboxelder @eltham @hazzyc @thewarn @aggpass


@The_Excession @TKC @jont2001 @shrewbie @phattrien @brainfreeze @tuna @AcceptanceIII @lastdino @the_dazzled

@nav @Miko18 @profk @keith @iamwiggy @Kallgeese @coolerthantv @antpoc @ynot @greenerharris

And the winners from last season:

£160: @Mert_Aksac (2477 pts)
£80: @phattrien (2457 pts)
£50: @thewarn (2420 pts)
£30: @Miko18 (2392 pts)

Ivar INgimarsson

not falling for this one again


This year is different

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On the basis that this year can’t possibly start as badly as last year*, in.

*Dear Fantaasy Gods, I know it obviously can, please do not treat this as an invitation to smite me, thank you

vIrgil vaN dijk (assuming those Goodison pricks don’t cripple him him again).

Ooooooh, they’ve introduced a cup competition to run alongside the league (starts in the second half of the season). That’ll ensure everyone stays engaged with it.

So, prize structure could be…

1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 10%
Cup Winner: 15%

How does that sound?

  • Fair
  • No, and I’ll explain why

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I think the cup winner should have the lower percent share, someone good win that based off a few lucky weeks or if they play people who have given up whereas to come third means playing well every week really, its much harder


Triple CaptaIN

Can’t wait to wIN!


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I agree with TKC on the 3rd vs Cup - would swap round to make it make it 3rd 15%, Cup 10%. Or even 3rd 15%, 4th 5% and Cup 5%.

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the money league I did with my mates (only 6 of us) we had a forfeit for the person who came last within each month, and that was really good at keeping people engaged

probably not possible to have something like that so ahm oot (no chance of winning, nothing to keep me engaged after I start being rubbish)

The cup!

is that where you go head to head with someone?

so for half of us, it only lasts 1 week?


Please dont do forfeits Merty, always stresses me out far more than it should when I do bad