⚽ 💰 FPL Money League 2021/22

yeah it worked with a group of 6 cos the forfeit was buying a round

tho as it turned out, we’ve not managed to meet up as a group since the start of last season

so we just said how about everyone who lost a month puts £30 into the kitty for each month they lost, then we go for a really nice meal

hasn’t happened yet but the kitty is large!

I’d rather we did it for good cause than I won some cash for myself.

Do people think that would have a negative or positive impact on the numbers of players and keeping them interested?

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I suspect a few who might otherwise sign up, might not. Don’t think it would increase numbers anyway and can’t imagine it would really have an impact either way on people staying interested or not.

No reason why you can’t donate to a good cause if you win? I think one of the winners last season (not me) did so.


Count me in again :+1:

(Too tired to think of a pun. This also applies to my fantasy team name)

@NeilYoung this is a great way to get to know the league and the players in more detail (not that you have to join the money league but you’re welcome)

Jesus that’s uncanny, was just reading though this thread and you @ me halfway through. It’s fate, I have to do it now. Plus I love fantasy/gambling.


Top tip: don’t stuff your team full of Newcastle players

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Yeah I’ll have a go again then.

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Fuck you!

Sensible advice

Also: In!

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Just watched a couple tutorials for beginners. This shit is intense, much different style than American fantasy sports. Loving it!


The chairman has given me a WARCHEST to spend, here’s hoping I don’t hose it up the wall like usual


AgaINst my better judgement

think everyone should have my details now but if not and you’re interested please DM me

Never mind apparently I am days behind on this. How did I miss it?

Haven’t had a chance to respond to all DMs yet and it’ll have to wait til I’m back from Scotland next week, sorry!

Today I’ve renewed my season ticket and picked my fantasy team. As I’m obviously full of blind optimism. Why the hell not.

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Dreamt about FF last night. It’s already taken hold of me

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anyone got the code for the league? can’t join.