⚽ 💰 FPL Money League: IT'S NETTING TIME

I think having 3 striker slots is more valuable, everyone is smashing it atm, DCL, Kane, Ings, Vardy, Jimi, and with Martial, Aguero, Jesus to come. Far too much quality up front to worry about shifting money back down the field.



just two chips played this week- it’s a @anon19035908 wildcard and a @ynot Auba TC

have a lovely weekend friends


My shockingly bad team now has a Leicester defender. Sorry @AQOS

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You bastard

Fucking shouldn’t have picked Gomez.

He’s had a shocker

This week’s table

Username GW4
weezer9957 1
nestor 2
garethl 3
boxtoboxelder 4
pichaelmarker 5
greenerharris 6
brainfreeze 7
thewarn 8
bugduv 9
eltham 10
Joke 11
phattrien 12
Hazzyc 13
shrewbie 14
TKC 15
jont2001 16
tuna 17
TheDazzled 18
Acceptanceiii 19
The_Excession 20
lastdino 21
chorizopasta 22
nav 23
Miko18 24
Aggpass 25
keith 26
ynot 27
coolerthantv 28
iamwiggy 29
funkhouser 30
kallgeese 31
antpocalypsenow 32

The top two are tied on points

I’m so happy to have made the top 10! Have been going up slightly every week!

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I’ve cemented that 24th place as my own

Kane and Watkins rescued my week. Before the last two games I was cut adrift.

Thank fuck I captained Salah at the last minute instead of Aubameyang

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I did the opposite of this :-1:

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I have found this season I am more annoyed by who I have taken out. Watkins out for Callum Robinson was a particularly bad shout

Just resigned myself to this season being silly and it being a complete guess game

so many unexpected players scoring high that you’re never gonna have most of them. felt like i’d had a shocker this week but was 1 point above average and moved up 1 place in the league

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Binning defenders may be the way, clean sheets are an absolute rarity

Kane and Salah saved me from an absolute disaster of a week.

I was planning on getting rid of Watkins but then Mane got Corona which forced my hand to keep him.

That worked out well apart from the fact I replaced Mane with Auba instead of Salah. I would have had an amazing week if I had.

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In all honesty I thought it would take Watkins a few more games to settle - certainly seemed that way against Fulham, and Robinson scored 2 vs Chelsea so seemed a no brainer

Bit annoyed as well that in my rashness, I’ve already taken Robinson out again but for Mitrovic and not Watkins…

James and Son for me. Without them I’d have had 15 instead of 51 points