⚽ 💰 FPL Money League: IT'S NETTING TIME

Played my wildcard and settled on 3 changes fml

Finally crawled off the bottom! I’m up to 29th! Thank you to the Chelsea wastemen for that.


I used my free hit as I had a few injuries. It worked as I got 70 points this week and I’m up to 20th.

Now just to sort out my team for the long term, I’ve already used my wildcard.


triple captain salah vs sheff utd

  • good idea
  • bad idea

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Username GW5
weezer9957 1
nestor 2
thewarn 3
boxtoboxelder 4
Joke 5
garethl 6
pichaelmarker 7
greenerharris 8
phattrien 9
Hazzyc 10
bugduv 11
brainfreeze 12
Miko18 13
shrewbie 14
tuna 15
eltham 16
Acceptanceiii 17
lastdino 18
TheDazzled 19
ynot 20
TKC 21
chorizopasta 22
coolerthantv 23
funkhouser 24
keith 25
jont2001 26
The_Excession 27
iamwiggy 28
kallgeese 29
nav 30
Aggpass 31
antpocalypsenow 32

@weezer9957 keeps hold of top spot, @anon50098204 is a new entry to the top 4, @joke is on his way, and if @anon5266188 even tries to post in this thread this week, so help me god.



I know the lack of a post about captaincy stats this week was a personal gesture to save my blushes at giving the armband to Rhian Brewster on his Sheffield debut, and I thank you for it.


why do you always have to be cheeky


Sorry, I’m trying to improve


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Leeds trio let me down this week but I’m keeping the faith. Kane and Son are gonna be two players 90% of people have now aren’t they

Their ownership is mad now. Glad I got on the both of them this week.

Kane vs Salah captaincy next week is a big call…


No chips played this week

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well done @nestor, who of course has triple Leeds including Bamford



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Still waiting for a striker I have in to actually score…

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A stunning ten points so far. Relying on Obafemi to score against Everton isn’t going to cut it.

Going to sack off the Chelsea wastemen this week, they’re utterly useless.

I’ve crept up to 19th after being bottom three weeks ago. I’ve still got Son, Kane and Lamptey to play tonight, but so do most people.

Annoyingly I’ve got 14 points sat on my bench.

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Plummeting down the league.

Said last night that I’d keep Auba but him and someone else out for Kane and a reserve midfielder is looking more and more appealing.

Not making any changes until pre desdline after the Son and James farces this season

Very pleased I still have Kane (C) in my pocket