⚽ 💰 FPL Money League: IT'S NETTING TIME


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I hope none of you experience the pain and humiliation of being in a rugged 4-way relegation battle against three people who’ve stopped playing


This sounds like the worst orgy ever.

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Something about is one of them Roy Hodgson?

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I’ve checked and I appear to be one of the participants in this tawdry business.

I’d say youre safe but im doggedly chasing @Funkhouser who… has 4 first team players who are completely out of action

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safest way of avoiding tricky bench decision…

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I can assure you that I am still playing and am aiming for 31st spot.


I remembered how unfun fantasy football is in record time this year!

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i apologise for the disrespect of lumping you in with @aggpass and the funklord

I’m just blisteringly shit this year, especially compared to some of my exploits last season.

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47 points to the top 4. We go again. Big ole benchy boost on its way. :crossed_fingers:

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Slowly gaining ground on 31st.


Top 6 have all used a chip this week. 2x bench boost, 1x wildcard and 3x triple captain (Kane, Bruno, Sterling). Huuuge week

Gutted for whoever TC’ed Sterling

That was me :joy: I had to be up for work at 3am and obviously swapped from dcl… I just looked now and was all wtf when/why did I do that?! Maybe I was still sleeping, I’m really confused. Anyway, I think that’s probably the last nail in the coffin for any title charge.

He might get a game next time round! I’ve captained Salah which I already regret

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At least he’s playing two matches!