FPL: Set and Forget Draft League

Just for a bit of fun, like. Set a team, forget the team, let’s meet back here in May and see who won.

Draft will be held at 8pm on Wednesday, if you can’t make it then… tough? Can’t please everyone can you.

You have been invited to play in the Set and Forget FPL Draft league. Join the game here: https://draft.premierleague.com

Once you have logged in or registered click on ‘Start’ and then ‘Join a league’. You can then enter the league code jol6ao to join the league.

Would be up for this. How does it work, do you still get a budget or is it just everyone that hasn’t been chosen yet is up for grabs with no limits on price/players from same team etc?

As far as I can tell value doesn’t come into it. So yep, we just take it in turns to pick from the pool.

Please can we switch to Friday?

Pretty please?

the football is on then!

(also i’m at a gig)

OK, I’ll chance it. IN

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Sounds good @Mert_Aksac, I’m IN

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Ten in, space for six more I believe


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hope you like my team name mert haha I done a joke

I LOVE it.

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Already looking forward to not paying any attention to this

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Are the rules that we’re not allowed to make transfers then? Is it literally just set your team in week 1 and look back in May? Or can we swap out injured or duff players?

Don’t mind which it is, either way, IN.

Yep, set it and literally forget it, no tinkering

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Three spots remaining, not sure who everyone is but hopefully you all turn up at 8pm tomorrow, please leave the league if you can’t

I’ll be working at the same time so might be slow at times. I think it auto picks from your draft shortlist if you don’t make a selection in the 90 seconds, but I’ll have to check.

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If you fail to pick a player within the time limit then the following criteria will be used to make an automatic pick: 1. Select the highest priority player from your watchlist who is both available and in a position you still require. 2. Select the highest ranked available player in the draft list in a position you still require.

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This is at 8pm

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