Fr 👁 day


Works, I guess.

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Hi team. Drank far too much and had no dinner yesterday. Plans for today are mostly to survive.

Debating buying something hot for breakfast on the way into the office


Basically already been told that i’ll have no work to do today so just relaxing at home and eating some brekko. Need a night off the booze tonight I reckon, save myself for winchmeat tomorrow.

Have to go back to Clonmel after work. Only the four million pints for me tonight so.


:egg::egg:’d is the true arse symbol.


Morning all!

I’ve got a load of assignments coming in from a class I finish covering today. Only had to restart my computer twice so far.

Remember when @ttf said he could be arsed recently. Not that.


Having bahn mi for lunch, dosa for tea and watching a play for afters.

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Going to see Sleater-Kinney tonight

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Mmmm. Hash browns.

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I’m very happy for you (sort of)

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Got a lgbti+ event at work so that should be good.

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I’m listening to the second disc of Selected Ambient Works Vol 2, writing a thing

probably eat some soup

quite welcome being stuck in the house today

half-tempted to watch Andrei Rublev on All4 but fuck me is it long so I dunno

The differing sauce viscosities make this a terrible idea. Also should be called Hoons.


Morning DiS,

WFH today again because why not. The house is cold though. I might need to get a bigger hoody.

Dry Cleaning tonight AND Orielles on Sunday. Quite the weekend for gigs.

Lmao the agency buggered up and sent two of us, I get work today but that’s it, what a disastrous life I’m leading

Anyone wanna lend me £500 lols

Bring on Winch tomorrow :heart_eyes:

Stress levels were already mega high but they are now up to 10000.

Going to Mexico later though
(both too stressed to be excited)


I am very hungry

Ah, I’m sad that “big bearded bookseller” was not you


Having to fight a very strong urge to lie down on this sofa in the Cardiff Uni Optometry Clinic