Fragile Masculinity 2017


P.S. Is it acceptable for a 37-year-old to watch Guardians of the Galaxy? Asking for a friend.


Reconsidering my opposition to the death penalty for this one


Texting in the cinema is really poor form


He sounds nice.


not sure what side of the fence i want to come down on here


i assumed he was suing her for like $000s as it’s America but as it’s just for the price of the cinema ticket i actually think it’s pretty funny


“Now the film’s director James Gunn has weighed in.” end of paragraph



again, i thought his tweet was pretty funny too


This is a bit like that guy who invoiced a girl he met for the cost of the drinks he bought her. Or something.


No, not even half that really.


was that hatfood?


I think it was fedora_drinks



It doesn’t specify how many Guardians there are though, so how do you know what half the number of Guardians would be?


Half a galaxy, silly.


Nah he’s a total cunt.

OHHHHH you don’t mean the OP. Hi MSBH.


Behave, or I’ll set my ear-pooing squad on you


What’s worse is the people who do it don’t understand what is so bad about it! The amount of times I’ve been told it’s my problem for not being able to ignore a blaring white light in a dark room is infuriating



“mech of justice”