Franal (Friday Banal)

why am I not drinking beer yet, I am very bored


Is there any simple task that inspires a higher level of cba than moving direct debits? Doing it at the moment and I really, really cba.

Doing my expenses.

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god LOADS to do but I’m just dicking around clicking on the same 4 websites i visit

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hi this is what I’m doing

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Do you have to do expenses on your own time? I always did mine during work time, and while it took literally forever at least I knew I was getting paid for it.

Also my former employer once lost £600 of receipts in the internal post and I didn’t get that money back for 7 months. Happy times.

i was actually going to do some work this afternoon, but i now can’t do the things i’m working on without some further clarification and the people who need to provide said clarifications work in Australia so went home aaaages ago. so i’m on here instead.

just stuck some Aretha on though, that’s good at least

Nah, I do them during work. But it means not doing any of the other shit I need to do.

Mostly I hate having to use Concur.

wish I’d done this

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think I’m going to swing by Edinburgh DiSers’ favourite Salt Horse on the way home and pick up some tasty beers


Just ate a banana, about to dial into my last call of the week. C. B. A.

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I had to eat the banana so that I didn’t accidentally do that by mistake

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this is now the bananal thread


What should I eat tonight?

  • Fish supper
  • Chinese

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Very regressive views.

Pizza, obviously.


not banal at all but my kids are coming to stay at my new place tonight for the first time. I’m actually smiling for once today :slight_smile:




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