Frank Ocean - Lovebox


As much as I hate to buy into anything Calvin Harris, this is really good. Like fucking streets ahead of anything else the Luckiest Man in Music™ has been involved in. The production is really nothing special but Frank knows how to make something of it, Migos are really enjoyable, and given the relative lack of pop moments on Blonde/Endless it’s pretty welcome.


More acceptable, definitely, but necessary? I dunno…


More new Frank. This one is great


yup, the man is really amazing since Chanel Orange. That album is fantastic but it utterly pales in comparison to Blond and Endless. I hope he’s able to find the mainstream success that he deserves


This is really really good.

If anyone has Apple Music he is a curating a Beats Radio show called Blonded - he debuted Chanel on there. Hosted by two of the producers of Blonde. Has a good mix of hip-hop, r&b, old soul etc. They’re doing a weekly Spotify playlist of the tracks too.


Really love Chanel. Would arguably be the absolute standout on Blonde (and I’m a big fan of that album).


Hi guys. Behind the times but my blond cd came through a couple of weeks ago and after being lukewarm on it to start with I think it’s fucking glorious now.


Same. Didn’t get a physical copy but it’s been on heavy repeat the past couple of weeks. Wasn’t really into it at first but now I love it.


Haven’t listened to endless yet either, or Chanel. Might make a little comp of it all.


Yeah, I need to give endless a go as well, but get on Channel Orange mate, it’s great. Nostalgia Ultra is really good too.


Ah yeah I have CO (played it to death tbf) but the track he put out last week I haven’t hit up yet…


Ah, Chanel. Misread.




Did Blonde ever get a physical release?

I have CO on CD.


On his website I believe, not sure if sold out now


They put it in sale for one day. I bought a cd, took 4 months to arrive :ok_hand:


Anyone go to Lovebox? Was pretty bizarre, a makeshift stage was set up on one side of the crowd which I assumed was just for the introduction but turned out to be for the whole gig. Wouldn’t have been a problem if it didn’t feel like he was only performing to the front 10 rows, such was the intimate nature of the performance (Which in a massive sold out outdoor gig, wasn’t ideal). Couldn’t fault the performance itself ( could listen to that voice all day) but pretty crippled by the feeling that this should be in a much smaller venue. Lots of people leaving early, came on 30 mins late - a real shame.

Solange was incredible (if you were able to get into the criminally small tent she was performing on) so wasn’t a complete waste of time.


Thanksgiving got the vinyl arrived within a monthish.


I thought he was brilliant, but as often happens with these day festivals the crowd did their utmost to ruin it. I had four people in front of me who decided to go up on their mates’ shoulders for nearly the entire set (I was just to the right the platform he was singing on). Another group spent the majority of the time having a chat or screaming, usually during the quiet parts. Someone to my right threw up in the middle of the crowd as they were too drunk.

Once I got past that though… I thought he was superb. I loved the stage set-up and the visuals on the screens behind him. Nights, Good Guy (with the extra vocals!) and the kind of back-to-back house remix he did for Thinking About You were my highlights. Shame he was a late and there weren’t a few more tracks from Nostalgia Ultra / Channel Orange.

Agree Solange was great, and Sampha too. I guess all the aforementioned dickheads went to Jamie XX.

(Edited as I apparently can’t think of an adjective that isn’t “brilliant”)


Yeah as I say, I imagine if you were near the stage it would have been quite different. Mainly quite gutted for my friends who came down from Newcastle for it and were quite disappointed. Hey ho.