Frank Ocean (rolling thread)


Love it. Great to have another Blonded playlist too.

Also enjoyed this interview from a couple of weeks ago:


So good to have him back, I’m all on board the hype train and spent too much money ordering his 7" singles at the weekend.

DHL thoughts - … he’s thirsty isn’t he?

Love this - much prefer it to the post-Blonde loosies. His flow and even his voice sound SO similar to A$AP Rocky at points, though.

I got the 7”s too going to have a good fun waiting game of what comes 1st these or the Jai Paul 12”s that I ordered in June.

The new track is ace he is a right horny lad. That Dear April track is being played by Justice at the moment it sounds like Bad Religion a bit before Justice do their remix nonsense.

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Hope there is an Arca remix soon.

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Another new track


Like this one a lot more than DHL

He has now released Dear April and Cayendo A-sides in the usual places. The Justice remix of Dear April is really good (although very 2007)