Frankie Cosmos


I like her/them. New album out on March 30th. First song released from it sounds exactly as you’d expect.


Just listening now. It’s very Japanese Breakfasty, which is a good thing!


Best band!

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She’s really good live too. Most of her songs are real tunes, but if there’s one you don’t like you only have to wait approx 90 secs for the next one.


Played the hell out of Next Thing though never really gave Zentropy much time but I imagine I will probably binge both in the run up to the new release. Top band indeed!


i liked the song on the last album that sounded like The Cranberries


Zentropy is fucking great. Especially that Leonie tune.

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Want to see her at the scale but hate the scala


Could not get into Next Thing at all…thought the production made it seem homogeneous and one-paced. I’ve no doubt she’s a very good songwriter beneath that, though

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oh cool, good choice for a single that one.

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Yeah this was exactly my issue with it. I feel like it’s definitely something I should and could be into though, so just waiting for her to release a really strong album

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Any thoughts on the new LP? Just getting around to listening to it now!


Really enjoyed it. Not that it’s a problem for me, but have seen criticism leveled at her for being quite one dimensional. If you like her then you’ll like this a lot.


Ridiculously delayed reply but: I agree!

I actually think it’s equal in quality to Next Thing. Really like the ones that are largely just her and an acoustic.


Also, this is quite a cool idea:

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Cool! Look forward to hearing this new stuff.