Franking Machine

“That guys a franking machine!”


Billy can

Franking my machine, I don’t give a stamp!


Franking Stein

Actually, frankingstein was the name of the office manager, not the monster


I remember in an old job someone hadn’t set the franking machine properly probably me (but I’d only just moved into the post room) some city of London young tories wanted to send out 40,000 letters that I had to frank and I franked them all and every single one was underpaid so every recipient had to go to the post office to find out what it was and pay the remaining stamp cost only to find out it was some crappy bit of marketing aimed at rich people. Hopefully it ruined their business.


Automatic, systematic
Full of color self contained
Tuned and gentle to your vibes
Captivating, stimulating
She’s such a sexy lady
Filled with space-age design
She’s movin’, she’s groovin’
Frankin’ until the music stops now, yeah

Gold, franking sense and myrrh


Terry Cloth
Terri Towelling

I don’t really know what these are and I don’t want to learn.

Is there anything you don’t know about that you do want to learn about that we can help with?

Free postage if you know how to use it

question about drugs? talk to the franking machine

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said that’s a stamp
(I know that that’s not a stamp now)

what did I just say ffs

Yes. Who is going to win at the football this year.

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Manchester City

I think they’re called Manchester United actually

Easy mistake to make!

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