Frasier Thread (Rolling)


Pls bump this thread when you’re watching frasier.

Favourite eps?
Which season was it where it sharkjumped?
Best minor characters?

Virginia madsen is in the one I’m watching <3

Think my favourite minor character is frasier’s neighbour Cam


The show died the moment Niles and Daphne got together. :frowning:


terrible show for elitists


No chance. Half of the jokes are aimed at Frasier and Niles being pompous bellends.


“Her lips said no, but her eyes said “read my lips””


keep telling yourself that


I’m with Jook on this one.


Don’t like Fraiser much, just seems to be pompous people being pompous, and feels like watching a play, don’t find it funny, not to my taste I guess


just feel like it’s a show for slightly pompous middle class people who feel guilty about their station to laugh and say “at least we’re not like these two (but we still get all the references because we’re so clever)” also the cliched working class dad who espouses the wisdom of hard work and shit is cringeworthy


or maybe it’s just cos Kelsey Grammer is a tit


My dad says me and my brother are like Frasier and Niles. Clearly means pompous twats! Great great show bytheway


Nah. I’m from a working class family and I still find it funny.


Nah most of the humour is fairly broad and low brow. The jokes are cleverish in the way they play out but the plots follow the usual sitcom tropes. I don’t think I’ve watched an episode where my enjoyment was hampered by an obscure reference - and I watched most of the episodes as an uneducated teen. And as mentioned above, the pompous snobbery of Niles and Frasier is mercilessly ridiculed.


i wonder if millennials are shocked by how problematic frasier is


Id rather have Everbody Loves Raymond


fair enough. It’s not for me but then I find most comedy try-hard and annoying so it’s probably my issue.


Sometimes I turn the picture off, listen to the audio and imagine it’s Sideshow Bob and Cecil.


Big Bang Theory for wankers.




I love it and also know it’s not very good :smirk: